VIII ARES Tactical Raid

18 mei, 2018 hele dag Europe/Amsterdam Tijdzone
Daganzo de Arriba, Madrid. Spain.
28814 Daganzo de Arriba
49 Eur per person.
ARES de Reservistas Españoles

The ARES tactical raid is a physically demanding activity involving limited sleep, load-carrying, medium-long distance walking and performing physical exercises during a 24 hours-plus time frame. Participants should ensure they have the appropriate health and physical condition to allow them to participate in this activity without endangering their health.

DOCUMENTATION: Passport or picture ID-card.

15 teams of four members.


– Teams of 4 members.
– Participants can register individually and the organization would assign them into a team on a best-effort basis.


Free shared accommodation is provided in a camp inside a sports facility. Participants should bring with them sleeping bag and pad or military style bunks at their convenience.

The organization will provide Friday and Saturday ́s dinner as well as Sunday ́s lunch. Participants must bring with them Breakfasts and meals for the period covering the competition (Saturday ́s and Sunday ́s breakfast, and Saturday ́s lunch).

Food and fresh water can be easily acquired locally at convenience stores during commercial hours (10:00 to 20:00). Local restaurants and bars usually open for breakfast early and do not close until 24:00. Each competitor must procure their own supply of fresh water and food during the competition.


Meal vouchers will be delivered to the participant teams for Friday ́s and Saturday ́s dinner and Sunday ́s lunch at check-in time. Meal vouchers for guests can be requested and paid-for in advance during the registration process. Please reserve guest meals in advance via email to raid@ares-


Each participant must travel by his/her own means to the raid ́s site at Daganzo de Arriba. Daganzo de Arriba is situated 20 km from Madrid ́s Adolfo Suarez International ́s Airport. It is a 20 minutes drive to and from the airport. Distance to and from Madrid ́s main railway stations is about 35 Kmts. Public transportation via Bus between Daganzo de Arriba and Madrid is also available and very frequent on any day. International participants are welcome to enquire via email to for directions/advice on the best travel combination from their arrival point to Spain.


Friday, May 18th

18:00 to 19:00: Teams Check-in at Town ́s School “CP Salvador de Madariaga”.
20:00: Inauguration ceremony and competition briefing in Town ́s Theater. 21:00: Dinner.

After 21:00 the competition can start at any moment.

Saturday, May 19th

20:00: End of Competition. 21:30: Dinner and Party.

Sunday, May 20th

11:00: Formation and ceremony drill 11:30: Prize and closing Ceremony 13:00: Lunch
14:30: End of activities

– ARES members and family 34 Eur per person.

– Non members 49 Eur per person.


By e-mail to

Teams can send a single e-mail to register the four team members.

Participation will be limited to 15 teams, admission by order of registration.

The first three registered teams will receive a gift from the organization.

Individual ́s without a team (or teams with less than four members) are allowed and will be assigned to a team/participant.

The deadline for registration is May 11th, 2018

Steps for registration:

1. Bank Transfer to:


2. E-mail to, sending the copy of the payment invoice and the Excel registration form including the participants data:

Name, surname. ID-Card number or Passport Number.

The organization confirm the registration by email. Email will be used to send additional information and to provided the exact meeting point on due time.

Cancelation and money refund is possible by notification by e-mail before May 11th

For any clarification or question regarding the registration, payment or any other matter, contact to this same e-mail address:

Equipment provided by the organization:

At the start of each stage a topographic map, or aerial picture, a control card and a route sheet with detailed instructions will be provided to each team.

All specific equipment necessary for the execution of each raid ́s trial will be provided for by the organization. The organization will not provide protective gloves, airsoft protection goggles and airsoft guns (see exception below for participants traveling from abroad). Each participant is individually responsible for bringing their own protective gear. PARTICIPANTS WITHOUT AIRSOFT PROTECTION GOGGLES SHALL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Personal Equipment.
Each team member must be equipped with:

  • –  Cold and rain clothes.
  • –  Bivouac Equipment
  • –  Airsoft protection goggles certified for this use.
  • –  Protection gloves.
  • –  Flashlight or front light
  • –  Food and water.
  • –  Mobile Phone in Operating state. During the competition the mobile

    must be kept switched off and will only be used in case of emergency.

    – Each patrol team should be equipped with compass and First Aid Kit.

    Additional optional Equipment

– Spare clothes and shoes.

  • –  Sun glasses.
  • –  Hat or cap.
  • –  Energetic food.
  • –  Pocket knife or multi-tool.
  • –  Equipment for possible water crossing or swampy ground.
  • –  Airsoft gun and BB’s. It is not compulsory to carry airsoft guns during the

    Raid, however, extra scores can be attained in some individual trials if they are carried by the team(*)

    Airsoft gun’s used by the participants and the organization must fulfill usual limited power requirements, included in our raid regulation: 350 fps maximum power, as measured on the competition ́s date. Measurement tests will be performed prior to the start of the competition by means of chronograph. Those replicas found out of limits can still be carried during the completion but they shall not be loaded nor used (batteries/gas will be withdrawn).

    (*) – For international participants and to avoid the complications of transporting airsoft guns by plane or through customs, the organization can provide airsoft guns for rent at a nominal fee if requested in advance at least three weeks before the competition. Please email us at to enquire.


    During the competition, military campaign uniform/fatigues as per the participant ́s own military unit. Travel to and from the Raid area using civilian clothes.


    The Raid will consist on a series of timed tactical and sport trials and pass controls along a timed march route in the countryside around the host village (Daganzo de Arriba). There could be some changes due to meteorological or unpredicted causes.


    Additional information about directions and the competition will be provided to the registered teams and individual participants in the weeks before the competition.

    Updates will also be published in:

Convocatoria VIII Raid ARES V1.0 Publicado: 9 Febrero 2018

Asociación ARES de Reservistas Españoles. Apartado de Correos no 8267, 28080 Madrid. Inscrita en el Registro Nacional de Asociaciones con el número 585627, Grupo 1, Sección 1

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